Alarms offers no fees

Your security does not have quotas
Our commitment is to offer high safety and efficacy at the time, so we analyze each case to provide the best result adapting to your needs. For your safety we do not have quotas.

In SIIS we are dedicated to protecting people and assets. We are ready and able to detect errors, analyze and help prevent to prevent reoccurrence.

Our philosophy
Our company provides safety and quality in all services. We serve the needs of our customers, from here we offer solutions to meet their needs by offering top brand products taking into account parameters money, leaving aside after-sales service.

In addition, our experts are available to advise on the technical aspects. Let us know your questions, we are here to help you. Discover our team of professionals always willing to help. For us, it will also be a pleasure to meet you. Also visit our product gallery.

We work in the counties of Bajo Vinalopó and Vega Baja.

From Siis Installers we offer the following offers:

· Satellite Radio System System without wiring from 559 € with radio communication available with fixed line and mobile line.

· System with security cameras 24h video surveillance from any mobile device, tablet or PC. Get online from anywhere!

· Wired alarm system mobile and fixed line wiring system alarms from 485 € available online.


View your installations real time through your smarphone. Remote control and vocal module.

Do you need a personalized plan to protect your home or business? We study your case to offer you a security system according to your needs.

Pack HD images. Includes DVD + 500GB hard drive to play your recordings in high quality.

Counting people
Quantify the people who enter every day in your business to get statistics and make your business profitable.

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